LIVINGSTON, NJ — Livingston resident Shayne Cytrynbaum, a junior at Golda Och Academy, recently spent a portion of his summer in Israel after being selected to attend a prestigious program called SciTech, during which he had a unique opportunity to study robotics, space, biotechnology and food engineering alongside professors at MadaTech, Israel’s National Museum of Science, and at the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology (also known as the “MIT of Israel”).

“I truly enjoyed the SciTech program, and I am so glad that I applied and was accepted, as it really was an experience of a lifetime,” said Cytrynbaum, who learned about the program through his cousin. “I made amazing friends from around the globe with kids participating from eight countries on four continents, and I am still regularly in touch with many of them over a month after we all went home.”

Prior to the start of the summer program, Cytrynbaum spent a month visiting Tel Aviv, Arad, Kibbutz Kfar HaNasi and Jerusalem with his family. He then spent three-and-a-half weeks “in the East Dormitories at the Technion’s campus on Mount Carmel between Haifa and Nesher” but said he enjoyed the program’s periodic day trips to Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Tzfat, the Kinneret and Nahal Kziv.

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