Exposure to nature and the natural world during daily activities such as walking to and from work reduces stress and anxiety, according to a new study at the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa.

Using eye-tracking technology, Technion students who participated in the study walked around the campus to simulate a daily walk to work or school.

The students formed three separate groups: one whose members made a point of observing the nature around them and stopped 10 times at “green” spots that included elements of the natural world; one group whose members also stopped at 10 points, but only “gray” locations with man-made features such as buildings, roads and cars; and one group whose members observed both natural and artificial features.

The members of the group that focused on green elements said that they experienced a reduction in stress and anxiety after their walk, something that members of the other two groups did not report.

The eye-tracking technology showed a correlation between the amount of time spent observing greenery such as trees and plants and the improvement in mental health.

According to the study, participants got the most benefits from looking at trees.

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