“Nearly all dwellings and buildings require heating and cooling, now more than ever in the face of climate change,” says ThermoTerra. “The increasing use of air conditioners transfers heat from the inside to the outside of buildings, and this in addition to the CO2 emissions resulting from air conditioning energy use only exacerbates the problem.”

To address this, the company has developed a cooling and heating technology that avoids CO2 emissions and heating the environment and uses carbon capture materials. Its pilot structure at Ben-Gurion University demonstrated passive cooling continuously to 24°C (75F) solely using water collected from the relatively humid night air.

“Our technology has successfully overcome two of the main challenges in evaporative cooling: water requirements, and potential discomfort from increased humidity,” ThermoTerra continued. “We use an absorptive material and an airflow gap within the building envelope, and a controlled airflow system.”

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ThermoTerra is a green heating, ventilation, and air conditioning company working towards sustainable solutions to heating and cooling. The company’s Co-founder and CTO, Jeremy Rutman, is a Technion alumnus.