A young couple guarding Israel’s frontline with Lebanon got married today as they prepare for Hezbollah to attack.

Hila Elbaz, 25, a university student and Kfir Asor, 25, an engineer in the Air Force, had planned a lavish wedding ceremony on Monday October 22 to be attended by family and friends in their home town of Haifa.

But the pair were both called up to defend Israel’s northern front following the deadly October 7 Hamas attack on Jewish settlements close to the Gaza Strip.

Military leaders fear the Lebanon-based terrorist group will attack the north of the country when Israel launches a ground force into Gaza to crush Hamas.

Backed by Iran and with tens of thousands of volunteer gunmen, Hezbollah is better funded and equipped than Hamas, with hundreds of thousands of rockets at their disposal.

The Israel Defence Force (IDF) has already prevented small scale incursions by terrorists across the northern border.

Hila, a captain in a tank regiment, and Kfir, a captain in the Air Force’s engineering corps, refused to let Israel’s enemies ruin their big day.

They simply announced a ‘change of location’ to their wedding guests ‘because of the security situation’.

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Both Hila Elbaz and Kfir Asor are Technion alumni.