Emergency Student &
Security Support Fund

As Israel faces unprecedented attacks and fights to protect the lives of its citizens, the Technion’s first and foremost concern is the safety of its campus community. In response to the ongoing war, the Technion has established an emergency fund to ensure it will be able to protect its students and staff, as well as its campus infrastructure, during this dangerous time.

The Technion needs your help to support students and staff serving in the IDF, as well as the people, computer systems, and security equipment on the Haifa campus. Funds raised for the Emergency Student and Security Support Fund will be directed toward two main areas: Student Support and Campus Support.  Learn more >>

Over 250 volunteers from the University mobilized to help teach students who were forced to evacuate from the North and South of Israel.

Since the beginning of the war, students in the Ruth and Bruce Rappaport Faculty of Medicine at the Technion have been taking a hands-on course on providing treatment for trauma.

Members of the Technion Faculty of Mechanical Engineering put together 100 packages full of goodies for soldiers and reservists.

Members of the Technion Wolfson Faculty of Chemical Engineering joined together to sweeten the weekend by baking homemade cakes and cookies for reserves in Israel’s south.

The Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Engineering, at Technion hosted about 40 twelfth grade biology students from the Hebrew Reali School in Haifa to participate in special lectures and demonstrations with Technion faculty.

The Public Relations and Resource Development Division at the Technion volunteered at the Efrati Farm to help sort and package  avocados, pomegranates, clementines, and oranges.

On Thurs. Nov. 23, 2023 the Technion held a gathering in the front of the Elyachar Central Library to show support for the released hostages and their families.

The Technion opened its doors to provide a battalion of soldiers with a little peace, a lot of love, and a special performance by Idan Yaniv.

The Technion hosted about 30 students from schools in the north who were forced to evacuate their homes due to the war for a week of academic, social, and enrichment activities called Robophysics. The program was led by the Faculties of Electrical and Computers Engineering and the participants will be awarded academic credit.

In the spirit of giving and volunteering, the Technion Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering prepared special packages for  the security forces and the evacuees. The kits were packed for soldiers, displaced families, and children, and included necessities such as toiletries and dry food goods and activities like science kits.

The Technion recently hosted a special event to support families  evacuated from their homes due to the war. The special event included performances by pianist Dr. Orit Wolf and drummer Doron Refali, a tour of the David and Janet Polak Visitors Center, a craft corner and science games for children, and lunch.

The Technion has recently announced a special grant program for its nearly 2,500 students who have been called to serve since Oct. 7. Each student reserve that was called up will receive 6,000 NIS (~$1,560) to help with tuition fees, dormitory rent, and other University-related payments.

With so many young people and workers serving in the IDF, fruits and vegetables are not being harvested. Technion students are volunteering to help local farmers get their produce to market and feed the country. With classes paused, students are mobilizing to fill needs in agriculture, hospitals, childcare and more.

Painted by kindergarten students at the Technion’s Naamat dormitory, signs  conveying messages of hope were hung around the campus.

With a sharp rise in online antisemitism and anti-Israel rhetoric, Zachary Bamberger, a Technion master’s student in computer science is using AI to change the battlefield for social media disinformation.

Challah Engineering: Members of the Technion Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Engineering rolled up their sleeves and baked 140 challahs for the reserves.

The Technion recently announced  the start of the 2023-2024 academic year will be postponed as a result of  the state of war and the high percentage of reserve recruits among students and faculty.

Since the onset of the war, the Technion has opened its doors to these residents displaced from Israel’s South. It is hosting approximately 60 people on campus.

These reserves study in a variety of faculties at the Technion and help in every way they can: packing combat rations, making ceramic bulletproof vests and  much more.

Every day Technion volunteers  are helping at daycare programs at local children’s centers in Haifa, including ones at the Rambam Health Care Campus, Bnai Zion Medical Centre, Carmel Medical Centre, and the centers organized for the children of Clalit Health Services workers.

Oct. 17, 2023: The Technion illuminated the new “Cypress” dormitory towers, the Taub Computer Science Faculty building at the  Technion, buildings in  Na’ave Sha’anan  , and the Rappaport Faculty of Medicine building blue and white.

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