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Join ATS – New England to hear from Professor Yuval Shaked, a Professor at the Department of Cell Biology and Cancer Science, Rappaport Faculty of Medicine, and the director of the Rappaport-Technion Integrated Cancer Center (TICC). In his research, Prof. Shaked has pioneered the idea that the host in response to therapy alters the tumor microenvironment sometimes to the tumor advantage, therefore suggesting a double-edged sword of cancer therapy. Reconnect with fellow ATS – New England supporters while meeting this incredible researcher and innovator. Q&A will follow.

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Yuval Shaked
Yuval Shaked
Yuval Shaked

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Geoff Holczer and Craig Rutfield, Co-Chairs of the Boston Business Council


Yuval Shaked is a member of the Department of Cell Biology and Cancer Science at the Technion’s Rappaport Faculty of Medicine, and head of the Rappaport Technion Integrated Cancer Center (RTICC). His research focuses on tumor cell biology and cancer therapy with the goal of identifying ways to personalize cancer treatments.

Prof. Shaked’s lab pioneered the term “host response to anti-cancer drug,” namely, an individual patient’s response to cancer therapy, which may explain therapy resistance and cancer metastasis. He found that almost any type of anti-cancer drug, including chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, targeted drugs, and even immunotherapy can contribute to cancer cell resistance or spread by provoking the body to protect its cancer cells from the toxic effects of the drugs. This research has paved the way for new cancer treatments that block the body’s protective patterns and increase therapeutic outcome.

Based on his studies in the past decade, Prof. Shaked founded the company OncoHost, a next-generation leader in precision oncology, which utilizes the host response effects to predict a patient’s outcome to therapy. Using data generated by OncoHost, Prof. Shaked published a study in November 2021 predicting lung patients’ response to undergoing immunotherapy.

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Steve Wishner, Board Chair – ATS New England


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