Live From Technion Webinar with Professor Avi Schroeder

Whether it is the novel coronavirus behind the global COVID-19 pandemic, or one that causes a devastating disease in shrimp, all viruses require certain proteins in order to pass from one cell to another. Stopping the production of those proteins will effectively stop the virus.

In this special webinar, Technion Professor Avi Schroeder will talk about how synthesizing a molecule called siRNA, and using it to replace naturally occurring RNA molecules, has proven effective in stopping the highly destructive white spot virus from passing from one cell to another in shrimp. According to Prof. Schroeder, it could be possible to apply the same technology to help in the fight against COVID-19.

Prof. Schroeder is an associate professor and a member of the Wolfson Faculty of Chemical Engineering at the Technion. He leads the Laboratory for Targeted Drug Delivery & Personalized Medicine Technologies.

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Avi Schroeder
Technion Professor, Avi Schroeder.
Avi Schroeder

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