Lead Researcher for New Space Missions and a Candidate for the Astronaut Selection Program

The Netflix space drama Away follows the perils of a fictional expedition to Mars while gradually revealing the personal odysseys of its crew members. Join us to hear alumnus Eliad Peretz ’13 explore the challenges that instilled him with the right stuff to launch from his childhood in Afula, Israel to NASA, where he leads some of the biggest space endeavors humanity has ever undertaken.

We welcome the opportunity for you to connect with fellow NY Technion Innovators while learning more about Dr. Peretz’s journey and the Technion’s impact on shaping the future.

Dr. Eliad Peretz is based at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, where he is the principal investigator for the Orbiting Calibrator and Artificial Star (ORCAS), a small-scale space mission aimed at improving the quality of space imaging for the largest telescopes on the ground. In his role as lead researcher for New Space Missions under Nobel Laureate Dr. John Mather, he is responsible for identifying the goals, engineering requirements, cost, and feasibility of missions, especially the discovery of Earth-like planets. Dr. Peretz also oversees the development of new materials and technologies used for advanced space exploration such as high quantum efficiency UV-Vis detectors and X-ray attenuators, and is currently supporting an array of space flight projects.

Born to a family of immigrants from Morocco and the United Kingdom, he received his bachelor’s degree at the Technion Faculty of Aerospace Engineering, and his master’s and doctoral degrees from Cornell University.

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