Featuring Associate Professor Dedi Meiri
Hosted by ATS – Phoenix

Join us for a rare look behind the scenes at the largest cannabis laboratory in Israel. Professor Dedi Meiri’s mission is to thoroughly map the cannabis plant so physicians can prescribe the exact treatment and dosage a patient needs. He has launched the Database Project, which exhaustively profiles compounds given to Israel’s 60,000 medical marijuana patients and works with Israel’s Ministry of Health to advance its understanding of cannabis usage.

Every day, Prof. Meiri and his team of 44 researchers are developing methods for analyzing the active compounds in more than 900 different types of cannabis plants, and investigating the therapeutic potential of cannabinoids, the naturally occurring chemicals found in the cannabis plant.

You are invited to learn more about this cutting-edge work happening exclusively at the Technion, and hear how Prof. Meiri is applying his knowledge of cannabinoids to tackle diseases like cancer, epilepsy — and even diabetes. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to view the lab and hear Professor Meiri discuss his work in a TED-style talk recorded specifically for this event.

Featured Speaker

About the Speaker

Associate Professor Dedi Meiri heads the Laboratory of Cancer Biology and Cannabinoid Research in the Technion Faculty of Biology. He is also a member of the Rappaport Technion Integrated Cancer Center.

His academic background is highly diverse. Prof. Meiri holds a master’s degree in biochemistry and a doctoral degree in plant biotechnology from Tel Aviv University. He conducted his postdoctoral work at the Ontario Cancer Institute before joining the Technion in 2014.