You are cordially invited to Virtual Gala 2020: Innovation & Inspiration. Socialize at a virtual table and hear from keynote speaker and celebrated Israeli-Canadian architect, Moshe Safdie. Honorees include Irwin and Sara Tauben. This event is co-hosted with Technion Canada.

General admission $180
Generation NEXT (under 40) $54

Over a celebrated 50-year career, Moshe Safdie has explored the essential principles of socially responsible design through a comprehensive and humane design philosophy.

Irwin and Sara Tauben are proud philanthropists and lay leaders in the Montreal and International Jewish Community. They have made significant contributions to the needs of the elderly, particularly Holocaust survivors, and are enthusiastic benefactors of Jewish arts and culture. This gala most notably honours Irwin’s ten year tenure as Chair of the Montreal chapter of Technion Canada.