Pictured above: Dori Brown and her sister Judi Gottesman

Doris “Dori” Brown
San Diego, California

The Technion became Dori Brown’s cause of choice after taking a friend to an American Technion Society (ATS) event. She and her late sister Judi Gottesman invited their friend, suffering from early onset of Parkinson’s, to hear Technion Professor Emeritus Moussa Youdim speak about his then-breakthrough drug for the condition. Prof. Youdim later arranged for her to get the medication (Azilect ®), “and she is still playing golf now, at least 20 years later,” said Ms. Brown. “That was such a miracle to us, that we got involved in the ATS.”

“At first we were just giving outright gifts, then we talked to our financial advisor about other ways we could support ATS. He suggested charitable gift annuities so my sister and I each set these up.” said Ms. Brown. “I think of these annuities as a win-win because it provides me with fixed, guaranteed, tax-free income, and then the remainder goes to Technion.”

Ms. Gottesman had also set up a trust that provides income to Ms. Brown during her lifetime and the remainder goes to ATS. Ms. Brown said, “It will be invested in the research that the Technion does that is so amazing. I feel good about contributing to the world that way.”

Please consider how your legacy can have an impact on Technion. For more information, contact Judy Sager, Executive Director of Planned Giving at [email protected] or 781.531.0441.