Outside of Silicon Valley, Israel has the highest concentration of high-tech companies in the world. And the Technion is one of the main drivers of the Israel’s high-tech economy. It is home to a prominent faculty members, including three Nobel laureates, and a long list of notable alumni, including engineers, scientists, physicians, professors and entrepreneurs. It is also revered as one of the world’s leading entrepreneurial ecosystems, and incubator for future successful entrepreneurs.

With the opportunity to experience high-level academics and hands-on learning, students from all over the world have a future at the Technion with a variety of international student programs including undergraduate programs in mechanical and civil engineering, exchange and study abroad programs in engineering and science, unforgettable summer programs in the “Start-up Nation,” specialized programs for high schools and teachers, collaborative research programs, and postgraduate and graduate programs across many disciplines. Studying at the Technion provides students with many unique opportunities.

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