New High-Tech Sticker Improves the Effectiveness of Surgical Masks and Protects Medical Staff against COVID-19

March 30, 2020

Prof. Eyal Zussman of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at Technion and the COVID-19 National Emergency Team of the Defense Ministry’s Directorate of Defense R&D (DDR&D) have developed a unique sticker that can be affixed to surgical masks and renders them more effective. The sticker was developed in conjunction with the Galilee Medical Center in Nahariya. The new device will reduce the instances of infection and provide improved protection for the medical staff.

Prof. Zussman is the head of the Nano-Engineering Lab in the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. Together with the lab team, he developed a unique sticker that is affixed to standard surgical masks and improves their effectiveness. The sticker, named ‘Maya,’ is manufactured using a 3D printer and consists of nanometric fibers coated with antiseptics – which improves the trapping of nanometric particles and efficiently neutralizes viruses from droplets that might reach the mask.

The sticker was developed in partnership with scientists from the Chemical and Biological Section of the DDR&D, led by Dr. Dan Greenstein in partnership with Prof. Samer Srouji, Director of Oral Surgery at the Galilee Medical Center in Nahariya.

The Ministry of Health has granted the ‘Maya’ sticker a preliminary approval and in upcoming days a pilot project will begin at the Galilee Medical Center to assess the adaptability of the medical staff to the sticker. Dr. Masad Barhoum, General Director of the Galilee Medical Center, thanked the Ministry of Defense and Technion for the fruitful collaboration and expressed his hope that the new sticker will reduce the incidence of COVID-19 infection among the medical staff.

“This is an available and fast solution based on sophisticated technology. We hope that the pilot project will succeed and that this unique innovation will be introduced to many other hospitals around the country,” said Srouji.

The COVID-19 National Emergency Team continues to search for and develop advanced technologies that will help fight the spread of the virus. The Team is adapting defense technologies to civil applications. They are working around the clock in order to swiftly bring tested solutions to answer the critical needs of the hospitals.

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1. Prof. Samer Srouji and the team from the Galilee Medical Center’s Oral Surgery Institute examine the new sticker. Photo: Eli Cohen Zikukin
2. Prof. Eyal Zussman
3. The new sticker

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