Israel’s national security has always been inexorably linked to the Technion. From the origins of the air force to the design of advanced defensive technologies, Technion brainpower helps keep Israel safe. As new threats evolve, it is imperative for Israel to remain not a step, but a generation ahead. And cutting-edge technology, developed in Technion labs and by alumni working in government and industry, is vital to maintaining Israel’s qualitative military edge.  

Your gift to the Technion’s research and development in Israel’s security will support:  

Advances in Space and Defense. The Technion is investing in nanosatellite development, materials engineering, and medical technologies for astronauts, flight crews, soldiers, and civilians alike. A new state-of-the-art building for the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering will ensure teaching and research environments are comparable to other international top universities and will allow the Technion to further expand faculty and student enrollment. 

Future Technologies. The Technion is a defense think tank for the development of new technologies that protect Israel. In partnership with government and industry, researchers undertake projects ranging from autonomous airborne devices and robotics to encryption and decryption methods and more. 

High-Performance Computing and Cybersecurity. Large-scale powerful computers solve mathematical and data problems too large for standard computers and will bring the Technion’s defense research capabilities to new levels. And, with the growing reliance on cyber technology and the proliferation of internet-connected everyday objects, the Technion is advancing its research to combat growing threats from malicious actors. 

Help the Technion advance its research to protect Israel against hostile forces. To learn more about funding opportunities, contact [email protected].