Considered futuristic a just a few years ago, nanotechnology – where scientists utilize nano-sized objects measuring less than 1/100,000 the width of a human hair – today is showing great promise in areas such as medicine, materials science and defense technology.

The Technion’s Russell Berrie Nanotechnology Institute is a world-leader in nanotechnology research having made seminal discoveries in the field.

Breakthroughs in Nanotechnology

  • Nanopackaged Chemotherapy for Pediatric Cancer: A new system for the transport of anti-cancer drugs slowed pediatric tumor growth in mice and prolonged life expectancy by 42%. Developed at the Technion, in collaboration with researchers in Barcelona, the system uses nanoscale packaging to deliver chemotherapy directly to cancer cells, reducing its exposure to healthy organs.

  • Helping Nanoscale Robots Swim Better: First they developed tiny robots that could move through a liquid environment. Now, an interdisciplinary team of Technion researchers has completed a study analyzing the optimal configuration for these nanoscale robots to swim, or travel through the human body.

  • Nanotech for Plant Nutrition: Repurposing nanotechnology that was used to fight cancer, Technion scientists are developing a technology for delivering nutrients to sickly plants that could result in increased agricultural yields.