Learn more about the 3D immersive virtual experience innovations featured at the Los Angeles Centennial Event with former Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, hosted at the Beverly Hilton in January 2024.

Protect Israel by Operating the Iron Dome

Iron Dome: One of Israel’s most remarkable defense systems, Iron Dome has saved thousands upon thousands of lives. It was conceived and developed by Technion alumnus Chanoch Levin who led a team at Rafael Advanced Defense Systems. His core team members were all Technion alumni.

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Become a Superhero With Bionic Hands

Superhero Hands for Children: Imagine a child who lost a hand and their only replacement options were hooks or non-functional aesthetic prosthetics. Together with Israeli NGO Haifa 3D, Prof. Alon Wolf, founder and director of the Technion Biorobotics and Biomechanics Lab, is producing 3D-printed robotic hands for children in the colors of their choice or likeness of their favorite superhero for free.