His research focuses on harnessing the inherent properties of proteins, including their functions, interactions with the environment, and the way they fold and unfold. Through these efforts, he aims to drive significant advancement in biomaterials.

His studies also center on understanding the complex interactions between polymers and proteins, aiming to uncover how these two elements influence materials’ mechanical and microstructural aspects. This work contributes to the development of innovative hybrid biomaterials.
Drawing on insights from these comprehensive investigations, he aims to engineer biomaterials that seamlessly combine the unique characteristics of polymers and proteins. These materials have potential applications across various domains, such as food production, drug delivery, and environmental challenges.

Prof. Khoury received all three degrees in biomedical engineering from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev. His Ph.D. focused on developing gold nanoparticles for disease diagnosis. He conducted his post-doctoral research at the University of Wisconsin, investigating protein-based hydrogels’ mechanical and microstructure properties. Prof. Khoury joined the Technion faculty in March 2021, upon receiving the MAOF Fellowship (scholarships for outstanding young scientists from Israel’s Arab community) from the Israel Council for Higher Education.

Updated August 2023

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