Maya is attracted to the field of biomedical engineering for its breadth of subject areas and its many paths forward. For example, in April and May 2022 she participated in two biomedical hackathons where she created prototypes of new medical tools for the treatment of multiple sclerosis and treat urinary tract infections (UTI), respectively. The UTI project won third place.

Born and raised in Tel Aviv, Maya was in the Scouts until the age of 17, when she volunteered to become a scout instructor. She graduated high school with an excellency diploma while also studying physics at the science education center HEMDA. During her military service, Maya taught more than 300 soldiers and officers how to operate the Iron Dome defense missile system, earning an excellency certificate for her instruction and reaching the sergeant rank.

Outside of the University lab, Maya works in the Technion Visitors Center and is a mentor in the “Big Brother” program for new students in the Faculty of Biomedical Engineering. In her spare time, the Tel Aviv native enjoys dance classes, running, swimming, reading, watching movies, and spending time with friends.

Maya would like to continue studying and working in biomedical engineering and is looking forward to tackling new challenges in the field.

January 2023

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