Programs, apps and websites are all built using code that tells a computer, phone or other device what to do and how to do it. Actually creating that code is a tricky and complicated process, where even the smallest error can cause entire platforms to fail.

Finding a mistake in rows of letters and numbers can be even harder and is extremely time consuming. In fact, software developers can spend up to 50 percent of their working hours testing and debugging code, according to well-respected trade magazine ACM Queue.

But now an Israeli company has developed an AI “team member” to test and review code to make sure it is all working as it should, rooting out any potentially catastrophic missteps.

Codium co-founder and CEO Itamar Friedman tells NoCamels that the startup decided to take a “bottom up” approach and comb through existing code to find the mistake rather than papering over any cracks – something that has become all too common as programmers work to tight deadlines and under high pressure.

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CodiumAI Co-founder and CEO Itamar Friedman is a Technion alumnus.