An emerging field of generative artificial intelligence (AI) technology has elevated voice dubbing to a new level—one where English-speaking acting icons can indeed appear to speak their famous lines in fluent Spanish or Greek or even Russian.

Voice dubbing is when a new voice replaces the original voice for a role, usually to translate the content into another language and an Israeli startup is leading the way, thanks to its artificial intelligence platform.

Traditional voice dubbing studios can take up to months to produce dubbed versions of content, with a complex duplication process that includes finding the right voice actor and recording the script reading. Studios spend up to $150K on dubbing a single film.

However, Deepdub’s AI software can dramatically reduce the time and effort needed to dub.  By using deep learning algorithms, their AI dubbing software can be trained to quickly learn the patterns of a particular voice sample and convey the voice actor’s specific tone and emotion.

Keep reading at is a startup that created AI software that can dramatically reduce the time and effort needed to dub movies and shows. Co-founder and CEO Ofir Krakowski is a Technion alumnus.