Since it was founded nearly 100 years ago, the Technion’s world-class scientists have immersed themselves in developing innovative technologies that have not only been crucial for Israel’s economy, society and security, but have also impacted humanity on a global scale. Well before António Guterres, the U.N.’s Secretary General, stated last month that, “the climate time-bomb is ticking,” Technion researchers were prioritizing projects that could help reverse our planet’s grim prognosis, mainly by reducing the consumption of natural resources and restoring balance to the Earth’s carbon cycle. In a nutshell: by focusing on solutions that promote sustainability.

At the Technion, a wide range of activities and resources are directed towards improving sustainability across a vast spectrum of fields – stretching from energy, transportation and human health to agriculture, food, materials and many others. In order to more efficiently oversee and coordinate all of these diverse activities, the Technion recently established a Sustainability Frontier: a central body tasked with coordinating and expanding the university’s numerous programs that help mitigate climate change.

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