A frustrating experience as a caregiver for her then-boyfriend with cancer made Maayan Cohen realize that non-medical personnel in a medical setting needed help understanding the information in front of them.

Despite dutifully tracking his treatment herself, Cohen realized that noting down his vitals in a binder full of papers was not helping her understand his condition or manage his medical records.

Many others in a similar situation, she realized, were also tracking the vital signs of sick loved ones. But without a doctor at hand, it was hard to know what could help or hinder the condition.

Cohen came to the conclusion that such people needed a tool to not only track vital signs, but also provide information about the illness and tips that could help to improve their well-being.

And so she founded and became the CEO of Hello Heart, a heart health app for your phone designed to give people the kind of information that she herself had really wanted, but simply could not have.

Every member of the company either has a heart condition themselves or a loved one with a heart condition, ensuring that they all share the mission to improve heart health.

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Hello Heart Co-founder and Board Member Ziv Meltzer is a Technion alumnus.