A new app has created a virtual sisterhood for thousands of women across Israel, giving them a safe space to share their experiences, their problems and even just their thoughts – particularly in wartime.

The Soli app allows users to anonymously express their state of mind and their feelings, called Moods on the app, ranging from common emotions like happy, stressed or lonely to more specific sentiments such as “in the mood for a night out,” “looking for new friends” and “in need of advice.”

Opening the app takes the user to a map, where they see other users and their Moods, and can engage with them in a public or private conversation.

“We created Soli to give women a safe space to share everything they’re feeling, and to get validation and immediate support from other women,” creator Neta Schreiber Gamliel tells NoCamels.

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Soli is an app that creates a virtual sisterhood between Israeli women. Soli CPO Nathanaelle Klein is a Technion alumna.