Search and rescue at sea is a valiant endeavor to save people and vessels from dangerous situations, but the rapidly growing number of autonomous vessels at sea and the missions they handle require a safer solution for recovery.

Identifying this peril, Haifa-based startup Sealartec came up with a safer way to rescue manned and unmanned vessels – and is in operation globally.

The Sealartec solution is an autonomous system that acts as a cradle for unmanned vessels, bringing them back to the mother ship safely without risking crew lives.

The name Sealartec is a portmanteau of sea, LARS (launch and recovery system) and tech – the principles upon which the company was founded.

Its Autonomous Launch and Recovery (ALR) System is lowered into the water from a mother ship, then gets closer to a vessel in order to bring it back with it.

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Sealartec Co-founder and CEO Amitai Peleg and CTO Guy Ben-Nun are Technion alumni.