You’ve had too much to drink. Or maybe you didn’t sleep the night before. Both represent cognitive states of impairment that should keep you from getting behind the wheel. But who’s going to stop you?

Israeli startup CorrActions says it’s the car itself that should strongly state, “Sorry, mate, tonight you should take a taxi home.”

But how will the car recognize how many cocktails you’ve imbibed or how many hours of shuteye you got?

The steering wheel knows

The steering wheel knows, the company’s CEO, Ilan Reingold, tells ISRAEL21c.

“Every modern car that’s manufactured these days has sensors embedded in the steering wheel. You just need to touch it; you don’t even have to drive.”

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CorrActions is a startup that creates cognitive state monitoring software for vehicles. CorrActions CEO Ilan Reingold is a Technion alumnus.