An Israeli startup that uses artificial intelligence to dub movies and TV shows into different languages has launched the first initiative of its kind to provide fair compensation to voice actors for the use of their voices in AI-powered dubbing and other synthetic voice projects.

Deepdub uses proprietary AI to generate synthetic voices that capture the emotion and delivery of the original performances, but in a new language. The technology streamlines the labor-intensive dubbing process and reduces costs, while matching the quality of traditional workflows.

Now, the startup’s new Voice Artist Royalty Program will save the submitted audio samples of voice actors in its marketplace and allow their “vocal profile” to be available for use in various films and shows.

The program ensures that artists are compensated every time their voice is chosen for a project.

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Deepdub is a startup that created AI software that can dramatically reduce the time and effort needed to dub movies and shows. Deepdub Co-founder and CEO Ofir Krakowski is a Technion alumnus.