The Technion Honorary Fellowship is given in honor of lifelong devotion and support of the Technion, Israel and education.

Franklin residents Cathy and James Deutchman are longtime supporters of the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology.

As a third-generation supporter herself, Cathy Deutchman (née Brody) was preceded by her parents, Rhea and Robert Brody, and her grandparents, Anna and Samuel Brody, as critical supporters of the cutting-edge Israel institution.

Now, the Deutchmans have received one of  the highest honors awarded by the institution as they were given an Honorary Fellowship at a Technion Board of Directors meeting on June 11 at the Technion in Israel.

The Deutchmans were joined by their children, Andrew Deutchman and Cara Peterson, who are ready to become the family’s fourth generation of supporters.

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