VR headsets loaded with software aimed to calm anxiety, stress and PTSD, as well as a handheld anxiety-reducing device, are on their way to Israeli citizens as a gift from their manufacturers to help alleviate emotional suffering during wartime.

XRHealth, headquartered in Boston with R&D in Tel Aviv, has been distributing hundreds of its headsets to patients in 30 hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living facilities and mental health centers throughout Israel.

XRHealth’s Patient Xperience software guides patients in meditation, self-relaxation, and stress and anxiety relief in 53 different virtual-reality environments.

“As soon as we heard about the attacks in Israel, we wanted to make sure that as a company we were positioned to help assist the survivors of the Hamas attacks and the people of Israel through the recovery process,” said Eran Orr, CEO of XRHealth.

“Our goal is to deploy 10,000 VR headsets since we believe that VR can be a solution for patient mental health recovery while a provider assists them. We are actively looking for donations to support the deployment of the project in Israel.”

CalmiGo, a company with offices in New York and Israel, announced the contribution of 1,000 CalmiGo devices to Israel to help victims of terrorist attacks and Israelis living under war conditions.

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Dendro Technologies created the CalmiGo device, which provides drug-free anxiety relief. Dendro Technologies Co-founder and CEO Adi Wallach is a Technion alumna.