Israeli and US medtech companies have teamed up to create a program that uses artificial intelligence to identify patients at high risk for respiratory or pulmonary diseases such as lung cancer.

The LungFlag AlgoMarker, which analyzes data from a patient’s electronic health record, is a collaboration between Medial EarlySign, a Hod Hasharon-based company that develops clinical predictive analytics, and Geisinger, an integrated healthcare system from Pennsylvania.

Working with Geisinger, Medial EarlySign developed the program to facilitate earlier invention, which is a key feature of the American healthcare provider’s care model as it helps improve clinical outcomes, creates higher patient satisfaction and reduces medical costs.

“Our work with Medial EarlySign is helping us to address some of healthcare’s most pressing issues and provide exceptional outcomes for our patients,” said David Vawdrey, Ph.D., chief data informatics officer for Geisinger.

“We share their evidence-based approach to developing and evaluating predictive models to benefit patient care,” he said.

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Medial EarlySign is an Israeli clinical predictive analytics company. Medial EarlySign COO, CFO, and Chief Commercial Officer EU Itai Katzir is a Technion alumnus.