That the world’s bee population is in crisis is no secret. Scientists, conservationists and agriculturalists have been scrambling for a solution to a situation that could be catastrophic for humans who rely on these stripy natural pollinators and their winged cohorts to propagate much of the food that we eat.

Israeli company Edete says it has a unique solution, giving the insects – and those who benefit from their hard work – a helping hand in the form of mechanical artificial pollination, which it says is vital if we wish to ensure food security for future generations.

“If we want our children and grandchildren to have the opportunity to have fresh fruit and vegetables, there is no other solution,” Edete CEO Eylam Ran tells No Camels.

According to Ran, there are two key challenges facing farmers: the worldwide decline in the population of the insects that act as pollinators (the UN Food and Agriculture Organization says that some 75 percent of crops rely on pollinators to a greater or lesser extent) and the need to produce more food as the global population increases.

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Edete Precision Technologies for Agriculture Co-founder and CEO Eylam Ran and Co-founder and Chairman Ori Inbar are Technion alumni.