When serial medical device inventor Dvir Keren became interested in developing a minimally invasive way to fill in bald areas caused by androgenetic alopecia — common in both men and women — he did not realize he’d be establishing a femtech company.

But that’s what Hairstetics became, for the simple reason that 85 percent of women with androgenetic alopecia are not benefiting from natural hair transplantation procedures for what is called “male-pattern baldness” in men.

“At the beginning, he was thinking about males,” says Hairstetics CEO Oren Ne’eman. “But when recruitment for clinical studies started, a lot of women came.”

Keren learned that androgenetic alopecia in males and females is different in how it presents and how the hair loss can be compensated.

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Hairstetics is a startup that created a procedure to apply synthetic hair to women who are suffering from androgenetic alopecia. The company’s Co-founder and VP of Business Development Boaz Shenhav is a Technion alumnus.