Israel was plunged into war on October 7, when Hamas terrorists from Gaza launched an unprecedented attack on the country’s southern border communities, killing 1,400 people, abducting hundreds and wounding thousands more.

And for the more than 1.5 million people in Israel living with disabilities, it has been a time of quiet suffering, frequently isolated and struggling to ask for the practical and emotional help they need.

Determined to aid this often overlooked community, an organization that supports autistic people has created a new online service to help them get that assistance.

The ESNA Initiative (short for Emergency Special Needs Assistance) acts as a universal portal for disabled people who have a specific need or request, but feel unable to search for it themselves.

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ESNA partnered with the National Israeli Society for Children and Adults with Autism (ALUT) to develop the initiative. ALUT CIO Boris Pustilnik is a Technion alumnus.