Moshe, a computer programmer who suffers from a life-long stutter, tried every kind of treatment to ease the jaw spasms, severe facial twitches and feelings of suffocation he experienced whenever he spoke.

But every time he’d step out of a clinic or treatment center, he had no way of preserving the methods he had just been taught to manage his condition.

That’s when he decided to use his technological skills to develop an algorithm capable of analyzing and monitoring his speech to ensure he was practicing these various stuttering techniques correctly.

Six years later, he joined forces with speech language pathologists to create Novotalk – a startup that integrates his AI with established fluency strategies to help stutterers manage their condition anytime, anywhere. The online training can be used on a computer, tablet or even smartphone.

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Novotalk combines AI with establishes fluency strategies to provide speech therapy for those with stutters. Novotalk Chairman and CEO Zohar Beeri is a Technion alumnus.