There’s a reason most of us love biting into a slice of rich chocolate cake, or sinking our teeth into a mouthwatering, juicy burger.

The high fat content in these foods intensifies their flavors and aromas, and gives them a tender and moist texture. And now an Israeli startup has developed a way to add more of this nutrient into plant-based alternatives to meat, whose fat more often than not leaks out as it is being cooked.

“If you’ve ever tried [a plant-based meat alternative] and you were left with a dry, chewy sensation, or maybe the flavors and aroma were not quite right – this was because the product didn’t have a good alternative to fat,” Gad Harris, founder of KaYama Foods, tells NoCamels.

The startup’s secret method uses a handful of natural substances to thicken plant-based oils and raise the temperature at which they liquify. This ensures that the meatless burger, filet or steak into which the fat is incorporated holds its intended flavors, texture, and aromas during the cooking process.

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KaYama Foods is a startup that creates plant-based meat alternatives tasty by incorporating more fat into the products. The company’s Founder, Gad Harris, is a Technion alumnus.