Leaning on our friends and family during these challenging times has been an immense relief for many of us, but one of the most important forums for solidarity in this era shaped by conflict and tragedy is not so visible. The power of online community has played an invaluable role in providing wartime support, and Nathanaelle Klein, Technion alumna and Chief Product Officer at Soli, is one of the talented individuals shaping an empowering online community in Israel right now.

In speaking with Nathanaelle, I learned about how the academic foundation she acquired at the Technion inspired her global career, and why she returned to Start-Up Nation to support and empower women around the world.

Michael: It’s nice to meet you, Nathanaelle! Many people are surprised to hear that the Technion has a very vibrant community of international students, and I know that you moved from overseas to pursue your education there. What brought you to Israel?

Nathanaelle: Yes! I am originally from France where the Technion has a very strong reputation among Jewish students, and my family has a long history of attending the Technion. Two of my older siblings studied there before me. It was always my dream to seek a Technion education due to my family history and the university’s world-renowned reputation. Once it was time for me to go to university, I had no hesitation and was so excited to start my studies there.

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This article was written by American Technion Society CEO Michael Waxman-Lenz.