Tevel Aerobotics, an Israeli ag-tech startup with a novel drone-based harvesting solution, demonstrated the latest edition of its harvesting solution at the 2023 World Ag Expo. The company has partnered with S&S Metal Fabrication to build an autonomous tree fruit harvesting solution called the Alpha-Bot that is ready for deployment this upcoming growing season. Tevel Aerobotics is a 2021 recipient of an RBR50 innovation award for fruit-collecting drones.

The partnership with S&S Metal Fabrication is critical to the overall success of this solution. The Tevel drones are tethered so that they can work continuously all day gathering ripe fruit from the trees in an orchard. The drones require a mobile platform with power for the drones. The partnership with S&S provides this.

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Tevel Aerobotics Technologies creates flying autonomous robots (FARs) that pick ripe fruit off of trees. Tevel Aerobotics Technologies Founder and CEO Yaniv Maor and COO Ittai Marom are both Technion alumni.