The car industry is pretty conservative and it’s usually led by men. This gives Michal Geva an entrepreneurial edge.

Geva is the general manager of Harman Automotive Israel and the general manager for OTA (over the air) and cybersecurity at Harman International.

She became associated with Harman some 10 years ago, when she joined Israeli startup Red Bend just before it evolved into Harman Israel upon being purchased by Harman, an automotive electronics technology company and a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics.

“We do software updates for cars,” she explains to ISRAEL21c. “Think of how you update the software for your phone – the same goes for cars. It’s very complicated because each has so many computers connected to one another.”

If the software update on your phone doesn’t work, she points out, it’s not the end of the world. If the software update for the car doesn’t work, well, you can just imagine what might happen.

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Michal Geva is a Technion alumna.