In most accidents involving a vehicle and a two-wheeler, the latter almost always ends up in worse shape – but a new device strives to help decrease the frequency of these accidents.  Israel-based tech company Autotalks has developed a handlebar device that warns cyclists and scooter riders of the presence of another vehicle close to them. Led by Founder, CTO, and Technion alumnus Onn Haran, Autotalks is determined to make the road a safer place for cyclists, motorists, and scooter riders alike.

The new device, called the ZooZ 2, warns cyclists and scooter riders of vehicles approaching their blind spots or the presence of vehicles in close proximity in order to give the two-wheelers time to move or prevent the possible accident. The device also has the ability to give riders a warning for vehicles that may be close to running a red light. The ZooZ 2 is affordable, wireless, and fits securely on the handlebars of bicycles or scooters. In the future, two-wheelers could come fitted with the device upon purchase.

Using V2X (vehicle-to-everything) technology, the ZooZ 2 device connects riders with the other motorists on the road. Commsignia, a U.S.-based company specializing in V2X, produces the tested and approved software for the device.

The first model of the device was unveiled in September 2021, and the latest version was launched in June of 2022 at the Velocity City Conference for cycling in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The ZooZ 2 is currently undergoing testing through four bike manufacturers and two vehicle manufacturers to fully ensure its safety.

Presently, the device connects with the 10% of vehicles that have V2X enabled, but the technology is projected to be integrated in most new vehicles by 2025/26. Autotalks has also developed a device specifically for motorcycles that is to be incorporated in all new 2024 vehicles made their first motorcycle manufacturer.