Professor Hossam Haick of the Wolfson Faculty of Chemical Engineering and the Russell Berrie Nanotechnology Institute (RBNI) at the Technion has been awarded three European research grants through the Horizon Europe program, totaling 4.2 million euros. Prof. Haick, the dean of undergraduate studies at the Technion and an expert in nanotechnology and non-invasive disease diagnosis, was awarded the grants for his research in cancer treatments.

For the first grant, Prof. Haick will focus on understanding the risk factors surrounding lung cancer more closely, including personal risk factors such as lifestyle and pollutant exposure, external factors such as urban environments, transportation, climate, and social aspects, and biological factors such as aging, genetics, epigenetics, and metabolic changes. For the second grant, he will create new imaging and diagnostic methods for bowel cancer that are fast, accurate, inexpensive, and non-invasive. And, for the third grant Prof. Haick will work on preventing melanoma in children and young people for whom the diagnostic programs are currently insufficient.

These grants were won with the help of the intensive work by the members of Prof. Haick’s research group: administrative manager Liat Tsuri and scientific researcher and project manager Dr. Rotem Vishinkin. Prof. Haick was assisted in submitting his grants to these European programs by the Head of the Research Promotion Unit of the Technion’s Research Authority, Dr. Asi Cohen-Dotan and other members of the unit Shirly Rakier, Mark Davison, and Hayley Binia-Wolman.

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