Graduating students from the Technion’s Henry and Marilyn Taub Faculty of Computer Science showcased their work at a fair featuring the keystone projects. The exhibits included innovative mobile apps and digital devices that ran the gamut from improving health to coordinating travel and advancing Israel’s windsurfing team.

One group made rehabilitation fun for people suffering from an injury or neurological event affecting the fingers. Nadav Heller, Eran Cohen, and Gilad El-Dor constructed a glove with electronic fingertips, turning the monotonous exercise of touching the tip of each finger with the thumb over and over again into a Guitar Hero-like game. The device even includes performance stats for each finger.

Another group partnered with Lev Hedva, a nonprofit organization that loans medical equipment to people in need for free. The organization lacked an efficient method to track their equipment. Students Alon Kitin, Amir Alkalay, Elad Badikhi, Ido Magner, Linoy Keren, Matan Beigel, Tomer Katz, and Uriya Habura, together with the Technion Social Hub, developed an interface for volunteers, administrators, and clients. The app streamlines the process of getting the relevant medical equipment to those who need it.

Cutting-edge technology is often used to help athletes go faster, jump higher, or run further. Computer science students Nikol Roshrosh, Marina Khizgilova, and Omri Ben-Altabe wanted to help Israel’s Olympic windsurfing team bring home the gold. They teamed up with Prof. Arielle Fischer of the Faculty of Biomedical Engineering to create a graphic interface. The athletes wear the tracker on their bodies while training to monitor their force and ultimately improve performance.

Other projects included a health and fitness app for people with intellectual disabilities and an app to help families coordinate their travel plans from packing the sunscreen to creating a calendar of activities.