For the second year in a row, the Technion is ranked first in Europe in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) according to CSRankings, which are highly regarded for their metrics-based ranking of top computer science institutions. The repeat win further solidifies the Technion’s position as a leading institution in AI. It was also ranked 16th in the world in AI and 10th in the world in the subfield of learning systems. 

The Technion recruits researchers and students from all Technion units for interdisciplinary AI research by increasing the number of new programs and initiatives in its various fields with leading companies, top universities, and research institutions around the world. It is also establishing its own AI community to empower the student body and researchers in all fields of AI and deepening their collaborations with others doing related work.  

The Technion’s Tech.AI Center for Artificial Intelligence, established in 2020, is the greatest source of AI innovation and research on campus. Tech.AI includes approximately 150 researchers and aims to apply advanced methodologies and tools at the forefront of AI in a variety of fields including data science, medical research, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, architecture, biology, and more.  

To further facilitate AI research and collaborations, a recent agreement was signed to establish a Zimin Institute at the Technion for AI Solutions in Healthcare that will operate as part of Tech.AI. The Institute will promote interdisciplinary projects and work to develop technologies based on big data and computational learning in order to improve human health and healthcare, with an emphasis on proposals that have an applied AI component.