Assistant Professor Charlotte Vogt of the Technion Schulich Faculty of Chemistry was recently awarded the first prize of the EuroTech Future Award, which recognizes researchers who have the potential to make a difference in their field and society at large. She was cited for her work on the subject of catalysis, which she believes will be key in solving global warming.

Prof. Vogt’s research focuses on carbon dioxide hydrogenation catalysis, which explores the possibility of preventing CO2 produced by large industrial plants from entering the atmosphere, and instead converting it to something useful with the help of catalysts, which accelerate the rate of a chemical reaction. Her research is mainly focused on developing new, better catalysts to be able to study what happens during the CO2 reaction and use that information to make processes more efficient.

The EuroTech Future Award highlights the passion, pursuit of knowledge, and innovative spirit of talented young researchers and honors them as essential change agents in the EuroTech Universities Alliance’s ambition to help secure a sustainable future. Prof. Vogt came out on top in a field of 34 competitors who were assessed for the impact of the work for achieving sustainability goals set by the world community, the excellence of their research, and their ability to communicate about the research in a way that allows non-experts, particularly policymakers and citizens, to understand their contribution to a more sustainable world.

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