The group from the Technion (L-R): Dr. Laure Arsenieff, postdoctoral fellow (from France); Camelia Shopen-Gochev, Israeli doctoral student; Prof. Debbie Lindell; Dr. Sigitas Šulčius, research fellow/academic visitor (from Lithuania).

A team of primarily women, including a group from the Technion led by Professor Debbie Lindell of the Faculty of Biology, embarked on a research trip in the Pacific Ocean from January 22 to February 18. Their objective was to study the biological mechanisms that dictate the structures of diverse biological populations at different latitudes and under various environmental conditions. The Technion team focused primarily on the role of viruses in those places and conditions.

The expedition, which took place aboard the U.S. Naval research ship Thomas G. Thompson, began in San Diego and sailed across the equator before heading back north to end the journey in Honolulu.

Prof. Lindell explained that “This was a very special journey in the context of women in science, as 19 out of 34 research team members, including all the principal researchers on board, were women. This is very rare in the world of oceanography, and I hope it will inspire young women who aspire to enter this field.”

The Technion team included Prof. Lindell, French postdoctoral student Dr. Laure Arsenieff, Israeli doctoral student Camelia Shopen-Gochev, and Lithuanian research associate Dr. Sigitas Šulčius. Other members of the expedition included groups from numerous global universities. The voyage was financed by the Simons Foundation.