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July 2020
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Community Is Immunity

Science Saves Lives: The COVID-19 pandemic is a crisis tinged with uncertainty, but “such a crisis can turn into a source of strength and insight” when handled correctly, said Technion President, Professor Uri Sivan. Take a look inside the Technion’s interdisciplinary approach — from its faculty and researchers, to its students — to fighting COVID-19.

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rof. David Broday, Prof. Eran Friedler, Ilan Katz, and Liron Houber

Innovations for a Greener World
Solving the World’s Water Crisis

Water is an essential. But accessing reliable, clean water is becoming more and more difficult in parts of the world. Already, 2.1 billion people worldwide don’t have access to water, and 4.5 billion lack adequate sanitation.

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Asst. Prof. Ramez Daniel with doctoral candidate Natalia Barger

The Key to Israel’s Prosperity
Designer Genes

Professor Ramez Daniel works in the fast-growing field of synthetic biology to understand how these fundamental units of life can be engineered to treat diseases and warn of dangerous medical conditions.

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Sean Meir B.S. ’20 and Neta Blum B.S. ’14, M.S. ’18, Ph.D. ’22

Shaping the Future of Israel’s Society

Technion Students Paying It Forward

“I grew up mostly with my mom, mostly learning how to survive. I got an education at home, but I also got an education with my friends,” said Sean Meir, an undergraduate student in the Technion’s Henry and Marilyn Taub Faculty of Computer Science who expects to graduate in May 2020. “They did horrible stuff, stuff that I’m not proud of. Most of them have criminal records.” Meir grew up in Nof HaGalil, an underserved community in Israel’s periphery.

His life could have taken a different trajectory, one similar to his childhood friends’, but he was given a second chance through the Technion’s Center for Pre-University Education. He shared his story with American Technion Society (ATS) supporters during a speaking tour in the U.S. with fellow students, including Neta Blum.

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Prof. Uri Sivan

The Technion Response to a Global Pandemic and Beyond

Technion President Uri Sivan entered office on October 1, 2019 — just before COVID-19 spread rapidly across the globe. American Technion Society CEO Michael Waxman-Lenz spoke to him recently to learn more about leading a world-class science institution in combating a pandemic, and about his broader goals and vision for the university. As the institution’s 17th president, Professor Sivan has a rich legacy to draw on — and despite the current challenges, a bright future to create.

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IDF Soldiers

Safeguarding Israel and Its People
Protecting Israel’s Soldiers on the Field

As a field service technician in the Israel Air Force, Mor Hayat B.S. ’19 was responsible for preparing aircraft in the event of an attack. The planes had to be ready for action around the clock, recalls the recent Technion graduate. “The sirens could go off at four in the morning or nine at night. I needed to be alert all the time.” Except she had a problem. She’d find herself falling asleep while making her security rounds.

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Prof. Wendy Ju

The Leading Edge of Our High-Tech Future
Keeping it Human

Videos of Professor Wendy Ju’s experiments look like Candid Camera outtakes. In “The Ottoman Experiment,” a normal-looking ottoman travels on its own across the room and stops in front of unsuspecting student subjects. And just like subjects on the 1960s hidden-camera TV show, their reactions are amusing: Some put up their feet; others pet it like a dog, and others look very confused. But that’s the crux of Ju’s work.

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ATS donors Mauro and Raquel Wjuniski

Donor Spotlight
Technion Students Paying It Forward

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General photo of Technion Graduates

The Key to Israel’s Prosperity
Technion Alumni: Where Are They Now?

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William and Barbara Dahl with friends and ATS staff at the Jacobs Institute

Donor Spotlight
Building a Technion Community

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Technion Professor Josué Sznitman and his team have developed an innovative pulmonary treatment for treating Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS), which is recognized as the leading cause of mortality in COVID-19 patients. To date, there is no existing therapy to treat ARDS patients. These patients undergo assisted ventilation and oxygenation, oftentimes under intubation, in intensive care units.

Technion Innovations

Learn more about innovations coming out of the Technion, including an electric plane, 3D plastic coral reefs, liquid foam therapy to treat ARDS, and wireless, electric roads.

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Technion Professor Yaron Fuchs

Medical Advances That Save Lives / The Leading Edge of Our High-Tech Future
Faculty in the News

Professors Yaron Fuchs, Ester Segal, Moti Segev, and Roy Kishony are all making waves in their fields, including advancements in stem cell research, slowing the development of Alzheimer’s disease, encryption to ward off cyberattacks, and the efficiency of antibiotics.

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Profs. Gideon Grader and Avner Rothschild with doctoral candidate Avigail Landman

The Key to Israel’s Prosperity
From Research to the Marketplace

Walk through any of the Technion’s campuses, and you’ll find dozens and dozens of faculty members dedicated to research projects that push the boundaries of their fields. The Technion is committed to making sure research that can change the world reaches consumers as quickly as possible.

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Prof. Ester Segal

Medical Advances That Save Lives
Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s: New Strategies, New Hope

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Cannabis plant closeup of leaf.

Medical Advances That Save Lives
Medical Cannabis Isn’t One-Size-Fits-All

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Prof. Meytal Landau

Medical Advances That Save Lives
Repurposing Alzheimer’s Drugs to Fight Antibiotic Resistance

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