Credit: InnoSphere


A new cap can safely treat attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) without medication, through safe electrical charges to regions of the brain involved in ADHD behavior.

Developed by Innosphere, co-founded by Yousef Badran B.S. ’12

Credit: Vayyar

X-Ray Vision

Vayyar “4D” sensors can see through human tissue, most human-made surfaces, and barriers such as smoke and steam using low-power radio wave technology.

Developed by Naftali Chayat, Technion alumnus

Medical Hot-Glue Gun

A new device delivers an innovative flexible glue that can safely adhere torn human tissue together. The glue is safely absorbed into the body once tissues have healed.

Developed by Assoc. Prof. Boaz Mizrahi and doctoral student Alona Shagan

Wireless, Electric Roads

Wireless, Electric Roads ElectReon develops smart road technology that wirelessly charges electric cars, buses, and trucks. The technology, key to a driverless future, is being piloted in Israel and Sweden.

Developed by Oren Ezer M.S. ’06

Liquid Foam Therapy

Based on earlier research into breathing difficulties of preterm infants, the new therapy could dramatically improve the treatment of the of the highly fatal acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) in COVID-19 patients by delivering medications via foam to improve the distribution across the lungs.

Developed by Assoc. Prof. Josué Sznitman

Mini-Labs in Space

Autonomous mini-labs will study the ability of enzymes to break up disease-causing bacterial residues. Space is the ideal place to study bacteria, which grow faster in zero gravity.

Developed by SpacePharma, co-founded by Ido Priel M.S. ’11

3D Plastic Coral Reefs

Some 40 species of fish are now sleeping, hiding, and laying eggs in the world’s first 3D-printed bioplastics and ceramic reef in the Red Sea. These 3D reefs could be the key to rebuilding our oceans’ dying coral reefs.

Developed by Prof. Ezri Tarazi

Water for Everyone

A new system produces water from the air, even in dry desert regions. The innovative system can provide water to smaller, poorer, and isolated communities more quickly.

Developed by Assoc. Profs. Eran Friedler and David Broday

Credit: Eviation

Electric Plane

The world’s first electric planes could take to the skies as early as 2022. Eviation Aircraft has unveiled an emissions-free plane that will be environmentally friendly and inexpensive to operate.

Developed by Dekel Tzidon ’95

Credit: Nurami Medical’s ArtiFascia®

Cranial Surgery Patch

A post-cranial neurosurgery patch made of synthetic, biodegradable nanofibers protects the brain and spinal cord from infection, accelerates healing, and prevents cerebral spinal fluid from leaking.

Developed by Nora Nseir B.S. ’09, M.S. ’11

*Some items pictured are mockups, prototypes, or similar innovations. Image credit to company/innovator’s websites.

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