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Quantum Technology

The technological revolution of the last several decades has brought about amazing advances in the way we live our lives.  But now we have to step up the game.
The global science community is asking, “what new technology will further the path of unprecedented progress?” The answer lies in quantum technology.

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Ehud Behar

“The most amazing thing I had ever seen!” said our 16-year-old daughter, Stav. She even thanked us for taking her along. It is quite rare, as you know, for teenagers to admit their parents did anything right. Nine months ago, when the American Astronomical Society announced it would hold its High-Energy Astrophysics Division meeting during the week of August 21, 2017, the date of the full solar eclipse, and inside the path of totality (where the moon covers the sun entirely), we started making travel plans that would take us from our home in Israel to Sun Valley, Idaho.

The eclipse proved to be perfectly timed, as we were just notified that our collaborative project to study cosmic explosions with NASA, through an experiment on the space station, was selected for a concept study out of dozens of submitted proposals. In the spirit of the event, I submitted my talk for the Sun Valley conference on eclipses of quasars.

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