Ayelet Hershkovits ’15, M.S. ’18 is a natural-born leader who began supervising and training emergency medical volunteers at the Magen David Adom when she was only in the 9th grade. While serving in the Israeli Defense Forces for six years, she headed several projects at the core of her unit’s mission and was selected to command their training programs. Ms. Hershkovits achieved the rank of Captain in the classified intelligence unit and still does reserve duty.

After receiving an army scholarship to the Technion and completing both her bachelor’s and master’s degrees, Ms. Hershkovits is now working toward her Ph.D. in the Interdisciplinary Program for Biotechnology. She is researching methods to stop the progression of Alzheimer’s disease under the direction of Professor Ayelet Fishman.

Born in Israel shortly after her parents immigrated from the U.S., Ms. Hershkovits met her husband, a fellow Technion alumnus, on campus. They currently live in Haifa with their three young children and love hiking and cooking.

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