George Elbaum is deeply committed to influencing today’s youth by telling his story as a Holocaust survivor 300 times in the last 10 years in schools in America and Poland, and through his books, Neither Yesterdays Nor Tomorrows and Yesterdays Revisited. He is passionate about the Technion and its role in keeping Israel safe. He is instrumental to the success of the American Technion Society in San Francisco and is a leader at all levels.

Dr. Elbaum is a member of the ATS San Francisco Leadership Council, the ATS National Board, and the Technion Board of Governors. A Technion Guardian, along with his wife, Mimi Jensen, he has funded numerous impactful projects. However, the centerpieces of his philanthropy are the Whiteman International Foundation Fellowship Fund, which supports graduate fellowships in the Grand Technion Energy Program, and the George Elbaum Fund for the MIT-Technion Post-Doctoral Program. The latter enables him to support the Technion while giving back to MIT, where he earned his Bachelor’s, two Master’s, and PhD degrees.

A retired aerospace engineer, manager, and international businessman, he has recently stepped up his time commitment — participating, for example, in an ad hoc task force to review the structure of the ATS national board — and financial pledges. In the past two years alone, he has provided numerous gifts to the MIT-Technion Program and made a substantial bequest commitment through the Whiteman Foundation Fund. The fund is named after his mother, the only other family member to survive the Holocaust.

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