Associate Prof. Moran Bercovici, an aeronautical engineer by training, established the multidisciplinary Microfluidic Technologies Laboratory in the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. His research combines experimental, theoretical, and computational tools to study problems at the microscale, which are characterized by coupling fluid mechanics (the flow of liquids or gases) with electric, chemical, and biological processes. As an engineer, he is interested in understanding basic physical phenomena, and leveraging those toward the creation of new tools in a variety of applications.

For the past six years he has been developing lab-on-a-chip devices, which integrate several analyses that are usually done in the laboratory for applications to medicine, the life sciences, and the environment. He created a super-sensitive microfluidic chip that can accelerate the detection of health conditions including heart disease and cancer, and lead to rapid, low-cost diagnostics at the point-of-need (home or doctor’s office). For that work, he was one of three Israelis to win the prestigious 2019 Blavatnik Award for Young Scientists, awarding $100,000 to researchers under the age of 42 for breakthroughs in life sciences, chemistry, and physical science and engineering.

Most recently, Prof. Bercovici initiated a new research program which focuses on ‘shaping’ liquid films into any desired form, aiming to establish new technologies for 3D printing and adaptive optics. His patents in this field have been licensed by the Technion to a Haifa-based startup company which creates novel diagnostic devices.

Prof. Bercovici earned his bachelor’s degree in aerospace engineering from the Technion in 2001 at the unusually early age of 18. During his military service as a research engineer at RAFAEL Advanced Defense Systems, he completed his master’s degree, also in aerospace engineering. Winning a Fulbright Doctoral Fellowship and a Stanford Graduate Fellowship in Engineering and Science, he earned his doctoral degree in 2010 at Stanford University and conducted his post-doctoral studies in the Department of Urology at Stanford Medical School. Prof. Bercovici, who joined the Technion in 2011, has received numerous awards and recognitions from the university for his academic research and teaching, including the Hershel Rich Technion Innovation Award, the Yanai award for excellence in academic education, the Daniel Shiran Memorial Research Prize for outstanding research in Bio-Medicine, the ERC award from the European Union, and the Krill Prize for Excellence in Scientific Research from the Wolf Foundation. In 2018, he was a Harrington Fellow at the University of Texas in Austin.

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