He is researching hypergolic ignition of kerosene-based gel fuel and hydrogen peroxide in rocket motors in the David I.A. Fine Rocket Propulsion Center, with the hope of developing advanced, environmentally friendly rocket propulsion technology.

Roni was chosen to become a member of the “Silon” excellence program, a part of the Atuda Program. Atuda is a joint academic-military initiative that allows select students to study prior to recruitment into the Israel Defense Forces in return for serving the military in his or her field of study but for a slightly longer period. Therefore, upon finishing his Technion graduate degree, Roni will serve as an officer in a technological unit of the IDF for at least six years.


Having completed recruit training and an officer’s course, Roni works as the Coordinator of Volunteers in the “Atidim” Program, managing tutors and mentors for more than 70 Technion students. The program’s goal is to create equal educational opportunities and narrow socio-economic gaps, in order to train Israel’s future leaders.

Roni is active in the Technion Student Association (TSA), representing both students in the “Silon” Program as well as over 130 graduate students in the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering. In addition, he is a head teaching assistant in his faculty and volunteers as a mathematics and physics tutor to high school students from less advantaged peripheral cities.

Born and raised in the coastal Israeli city of Netanya, Roni graduated high school with honors. He earned his bachelor’s degree “cum laude” and made the President’s List for three consecutive semesters in 2021-22.

January 2023

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